Sunday, November 29, 2009


Okay, we are all busy.  It's the one word we can throw out there to get us out of whatever we DON'T want to do.  "Yeah, I'm just too busy right now."

Which makes me appreciate those people who are NOT too busy.

Here's my point.

This weekend was full.  Preparing food, eating said food, shopping, working, a movie if you were lucky -- all time taker uppers.  But perhaps what I am most thankful for are these super busy people:

1.  Turkey Trot spectators, cheerleaders and volunteers esp. the SERTOMA Club.  A race without a fans is just another training day.
2.  Family organizers who planned and executed a great family reunion.
3.  Friends who stop by to say hello.
4.  Kids who stay home.

Sure, we are busy.  But taking the time makes it all worthwhile, I'd say.

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