Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hurts So Good

If you've never used a foam roller, you might not appreciate the new Grid roller from Trigger Point. But this new piece of equipment is a gem.

Most old-style rollers are about three feet long,  styrofoam and bulky.  Physical therapists and athletes use them to apply gentle force to adhesions or "knots" on IT bands, calves, lats, or any body part that is fatigued due to exercise.  Those tender spots on the body can be worked out by rolling over the spot and holding for about 30 seconds, to bring the muscles fibers into straighter alignment.

The new Trigger Point Grid is a more compact and better version of it's older self.  And it has massaging grids that feel awesome.  And it's a cuter color than white or baby blue.  I love mine.  I can get right into those tight knots in my legs and roll them out for instant relief. 

In therapist words, "It helps restore your body back to it's optimum level of function by resetting the propiroceptive mechanisms of the soft tissue." 

Blah blah blah.  It's just good.


  1. You know- you can avoid all of these knots and adhesions(???) and muscle fatigue by just curling up in a snuggie and watching tv. I don't ever have to reset my propiroceptive mechanisms of the soft tissue. : )


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