Monday, November 9, 2009

Take Aways from Florida

1.  You WILL get through the swim, but it's not gonna be pretty and you won't make any friends.
2.  Do not compare race times with previous year's race times/places.  Every day is unique.
3.  Hug your family and friends.  You didn't do this alone.  And thank the volunteers -- good karma.  (See also: Dave Weins, Leadville 100)
4.  A steady run through the marathon, instead of a walk, will boost your mental energy even if you are tired.  Ever played the game called Road Kill?
5.  Keep eating/drinking even when you are sick and tired of eating/drinking - it all plays into that last two hours.
6.  Overfill your special needs bags - options are good!  Bring anything you might think:  'that sounds like a good idea.'
7.   Read the signs along the way and "insert your name here".
8.  Over prepare, over pack, but do not overthink. You've trained and you are ready.
9.  Secure all your belongings as items tend to shift -- Screw in cartridges, push in water bottles, and tighten up everything! (Serious garage sale going on out there on the course.)
10.  Like I've said before, smile at the finish line.  Today is about you.  Tomorrow is probably not.

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