Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

I'm a Speedo-holic.  I'm a devoted to their swimsuits, their goggles, their pool toys.  For as long as I've been swimming, the Speedo Vanquisher Plus goggles have been my go-to pair.  And yet, I was unfaithful this weekend.

After a discount shopping spree at, I bought some Blue Seventy goggles for a friend, and got a pair for myself.   And I might have found a new favorite - sorry Speedo!
Blue Seventy Siren goggles performed perfectly at this weekend's Lake Havasu Tri.

The Blue Seventy Siren goggles are designed for women, so their nose bridges are smaller, and their goggle gaskets are formed with higher cheekbones in mind.  But what I liked was that they were comfortable without being snug.  They have a split strap in the back which helped keep them on in rough water.  And the lenses seemed larger, to help me site much better than before.  Nice job Blue Seventy!

It's nice to see a company is listening to their consumers.  While I'll always trust the Speedo brand, it's nice to have another company come forward with a fabulous new product.

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