Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing Queen

There's a new craze in town and, as usual, I'm the last one to hear about it.

It's called Zumba.
Zumba is a half-80's-style-aerobic, half-salsa-dance fitness class that's set to a Latin gyrating rhythmic soundtrack. The classes are popping up at gyms all around the world.   It's an hour-long class that seems like 30 minutes of saucy dance moves, and before you know it, you are sweating and smiling at the same time.

I'd like to show you a photo of my super hot Zumba instructor, but I don't think a still shot would do her justice after you've seen her moves.  She was ah-mazing.

If you get the chance, give Zumba a try.  Spending an hour in Zumba is a better choice than watching  Dancing With The Stars.  It's all about getting out there and moving!  I took my daughter along and it was fun for both of us.  As long as you don't spend too much time watching yourself in the mirror, or giggling at the other participants, you'll have a good time.

Dare I say to lose yourself in Zumba?

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