Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Calgon, Take Me Away

Take heed all you candy cane lovers, there's more to peppermint than just Christmas treats and breath mints.

Recently I was introduced to peppermint oil.  My first encounter was at yoga, where the instructor lightly misted her students with peppermint water while we were in savasanah.  It was delightful and added a nice fresh mist to the stinky yoga participants.  I had such a complete love for this spray that I had to know more -- why was that mist so refreshing and why did my body seem to crave it?

Lucky I have a friend in the biz.  And she happens to be family.  Joni Lang is a cousin and also a rep for doTerra Essential Oils.  Joni and I had a little sit down and I ordered a few oils of my own just to keep them handy around mi casa.

So last night, feeling all achy and tired, I tapped a few drops of peppermint oil into my hot bath.  And, oh-me-oh-mi, my bathtub instantly transformed into a luxurious stay-cation in the fountain of perfection.  The oils soothed my aching joints and the aroma opened my airways and filled my lungs with heavenly goodness. 

I don't know too much about essential oils.  But I do think they have healing properties and health benefits.  I'm looking into them.  (I've heard lavender oil rubbed onto the feet is a peaceful sleep remedy.)

Stay tuned.  I've still got lemon to try.  And if you don't want to wait around for me, contact Joni for all your doTerra Essential Oil questions and advice. 

And if you DO know more about all these magical elixirs, leave a comment and school me.  I would love to know more.


  1. I love oils! Our family has used th since I was a baby. Peppermint is also great taken orally for stomach aches and gas. I use oregano a lot too (and smell like a pizza all day) and LOVE doTerras muscle ache blends (deep blue and aroma touch). Amen.

  2. Thanks for the awesome post! I'm so glad you are loving your oils! Since the link to contact me isn't working, thought I would just add a link to my website for anyone that might be interested.


    xoxo Joni

  3. I use peppermint oil for motion sickness. It saves me. It also took the edge off of my morning sickness way back when...


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