Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Crossfit Experiment

There's a huge element missing in the world of triathletes:  strength training.  We all KNOW we should do it, but it seems to get pushed to the back burner in favor of longer bike rides, mammoth training runs and hours and hours in the pool.

Which is why I'm crowning 2012 The Year Of Strength.   I've piddled around in the gym here and there for....well, forever.  I've done personal training and body pump classes.  But I've never put strength training as a priority.  January 1st I'm going to change all that with Crossfit Endurance.

This is an experiment for myself.  I know I can run 26.2 after riding my bike for 112 and swimming 2.4.  I've done it four times.  But not being able to do a decent push up?  There's something wrong with this picture.

So I'll be documenting my six-month journey here on ye ole' blog.  I'm going to try and take my longer-is-better training strategy and do a 180, focusing on shorter, more intense training sessions.  I met with Crossfit trainer Dave Eaton yesterday for my fitness evaluation -- and let me tell you, I can barely walk today. 

With no Ironmans scheduled this next year, it's a perfect time to give this new philosophy a whirl.  Escape From Alcatraz is in six months.  Let's see if Crossfit Endurance will turn me into a better, stronger athlete.  Bring it on 2012!!

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