Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keeping Up The Motivation

Brrr.... it's getting mighty cold out there.  And if you're anything like me, the motivation to get up and out for a run in the dark, frigid temperatures wanes in favor of the toasty warm comforter and soft sheets that hug your body in your bed. 

What gets you up and out in the morning?  I'd love to know.

As for me, I really enjoy visual motivation.  And the Runner's World calendar helps keep me excited about running, even as the weather does not.

The RW Calendar is an optional purchase to all Runner's World subscribers.  I have ordered the calendar every year because I love it.  It's a great visual reminder to keep on running in all kinds of places and it all kinds of weather.  The calendar has beautifully inpiring photos of fabulous running routes around the world.  The biggest and best marathons are marked in the date boxes.  And on the sidelines, the RW editors pack in tidbits of advice and inspiration to improve running performance, stay injury free and dedicate your days to this fabulous sport.  The back page of the calendar has a pace chart, so you can predict your next marathon time or plan your strategy to set a new PR.

You can order the calendar separate from the Runner's World magazine.  But if you have a runner on your Christmas list, or want to become one yourself, I suggest a RW subscription AND the calendar to start the year off on the right runner's foot!  Go ahead and pick your races and plan your year.  A race on the calendar is one of the BEST ways to Just Keep Running! 

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  1. If you think it is cold in AZ then you can imagine the weather we are having here. I can't run in the mornings without my knees freezing solid so I often do my running on a treadmill. Since that can be reeeeeeally boring, I have hung my marathon medal where I can see it so I can keep my goal in mind.


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