Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Lyke These

I get a lot of jabs for the watches I wear -- and by jabs I am mean laughs behind my back for lack of fashion sense.  Most of my watches are digital, have a face the size of a small computer, take my pulse rate, chart my elevation,  and come with an attractive chest strap.  Which is why I like to switch things up a bit -- be a little more funky and fresh.

Here's my latest find:  Lyke watches at  Lyke is a fun alternative to the sports watches athletes wear on a daily basis.  These timepieces come with one basic face, and up to 10 different wrist bands to mix, match and personalize any one's style. 

Lyke watches are perfect for the older set like me, who lived and loved the Swatch watch craze of the eighties.  And teenagers love them because they "go" with everything.  Plus, at $60 for one watch and five different colored wristbands, they're affordable and stylish too!

Best of all for me, da da da dah! they're WATERPROOF.  No more concern about jumping into the Master's pool with your "good" watch again.  Leave the Cartier at home, it's Lyke time, baby.

Check out to see what this new craze is all about.  Christmas is only twenty something days away -- and I can't think of a better gift for anyone on your list than this happy, new, fun watch! 

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