Sunday, February 9, 2014

In the Haus

Tomorrow I start a new job at the Taj Mahal of bike shops, Bicycle Haus in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It's the type of store that cues angelic choirs singing "ahhhhhh!" when you step inside it's doors.  Artful angles of steel and concrete welcome you into just the coolest, swankiest, good-vibe bike store you've ever sauntered into.  I'm so excited to be spending my days here:

The store is located at 7113 E. 1st Avenue in Scottsdale, near the 5th Avenue shops of Old Town.  

As part of my training to be a member of the BH team, Shasta and Kale sent me to Specialized Headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.  I spent three days learning the hows and whys of a Specialized Body Geometry Fit at the SBCU, the "bike university" for everything Specialized related.  

The instructors taught their in-depth method of how to fit a bike to a body, and not the other way around. Often cyclists purchase a bike for it's looks or it's brand, without considering if the bike is a  "match" for the person's body type.  But the truth is, a person should NEVER try and acclimate to a bike.  Rather, the geometry of a person's body, the way he or she moves, the flexibility and strengths and weaknesses of his body should all be taken into account whenever a person gets on a bike.  The Body Geometry philosophy takes a step-by-step assessment of the body, then fits a rider to a bike that will give him the most efficient and comfortable ride of his life.  A BG fit will help eliminate numb hands, tight backs, saddle discomfort -- all the things that plague a dedicated rider.  Anyone serious about riding a bike should be fit properly on their bike, no matter what the brand.  

My day at SBCU was filled with instruction and hands-on training and fitting classmates on demo bikes.  But that didn't mean we didn't have time to ride.  Every day we took out the bike of our choice and toured the beautiful rolling hills of Northern California.  After our daily group rides around Morgan Hill, we were treated to health-conscience meals prepared by the Specialized chefs.  And we also got to take a peek inside the coolest thing I've seen in a long time: the Specialized wind tunnel.   An unmarked building next to SBCU headquarters held the key to the success of the beautiful bikes of Specialized.  Scientists with PH.D.s in astro physics were busy testing out how to make these bikes and riders the best that they could be.  The wind tunnel was dope.  

Wind Tunnel in Morgan Hill
Specialized Wind Tunne
My week was amazing.  And tomorrow, my journey begins at Bicycle Haus, helping to achieve my goal of bringing out the physical best in everyone.  And don't fret, I'll still be on deck for Masters Swimming at Kino and Skyline on Wednesdays.

Call me to schedule your first bike fit at the Haus, my first 10 fits are complimentary.  If you're willing to work with me, I promise I will make you a better rider and help you maximize your full power potential on the bike.  Get on a'll fall in love, I promise.  


Que lindo es sonar despierto.
How lovely it is to dream while you are awake.

Dreams That Have Come True