Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bachelor -- Another Hilarious Report

Just a standard breakdown this week. The show starts off with Cassandra commiserating to who else, Momma Bear Renee, who listens dutifully. Everyone goes to Renee for advice. We learn that  Cassandra just turned 22…22!!! I have shoes older than Cassandra. She has a kid with NBA player Rodney Stuckey who from the looks of him is maybe around 2 years old. If my math is correct, she likely met Stuckey and got knocked up at around 18 while dancing with the Pistons. It’s a bit of a whopper…Juan Pabs may have figured this out as well and decides to send her packing in a pouring rain storm outside a snug little Hobbit hole without even acknowledging her B-day. Meanwhile, has Renee quietly snuck up to dark horse contender? I do not predict she makes it to the hometown dates but she’s gaining momentum…no one saw Catherine winning it last season either. Andi gets the first one on one date, had her dinner ruined by a geyser but apparently didn’t care as long as the wine was not ruined. I have not seen these girls eat anything except the chunks of fruit in their cocktails. Group date went a little better this time…Sharleen gets the rose after Juan decides talking with her is very bad and just kisses her instead before she can assemble her thoughts. Looks like next week is when Sharleen has her moment. Clare ends up with the last one on one and is pleased to clear the air after Juan “apologized” to her…Clare, you make me do something I didn’t want to do, I felt bad, I have decided you cannot get upset about it anymore…well then! Apology accepted! Kat gets the boot over Chelsie right after Chris Harrison reminds us “this is the final rose of the night, Juan, when you are us ready” quote. Kat gave it a good run…Scottsdale in the house! Question…is the Juan Pablo “let me pull your hair out of your face and around your ear” trick effective or annoying?  

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