Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bachelor Hometowns

There might be two updates this week, as tomorrow you “won’t believe what happens!” on Part Two of the Bachelor.  Let's go in order of the Hometowns…I didn’t see any train wrecks although Clare’s family was certainly bizarre.

1.      I liked Nikki’s family, almost a little TOO much. The dad almost had a little too much “sounds good to me” about him but all in all it was a good performance. A-

2.      Andi’s family was a little more skeptical…the dad Hy was all grumpy and skeptical which was awesome actually. Solid B grade for grumpy dad. Loved it.     

3.      Poor Renee. She had no chance at all yet had to go through the whole routine of bringing a man home who meet the fam. She’ll probably get the most cheers at the “after the rose” ceremony from the crowd as a fan favorite yet no chance to be the next Bachelorette…a little too old for the role. Even with an extreme makeover I don’t see the next crop of Bachelorette suitors would be all excited about competing for her…would probably be like a “Oh its not Emily its Ashley? Dang it” feel to it. Renee should probably go meet the baseball coach as the mom interestingly brought it up to her. C grade

4.      Clare had a house full of six older and bitter women and just ONE man in the mix from what I could tell. I could sense a ton of cat fighting goes on in there with the other five women doing a lot of throwing monkey wrenches into the mating potential over there. Out of all the families it’s probably the least likely place to go for Thanksgiving dinners.  D    

Down to the final 3…sad to say this but I can’t see any of these remaining actually making it to the alter with Juan P NOR becoming the next Bachelorette.  

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  1. Now Gray just needs to add photos to the post to round it out. Nicely done.


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