Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Let’s be honest, no one is really watching this show are they? I have a theory on Sharleen based on certain clues she has said. Like, ”I haven’t been in this type of situation in awhile” or, “I’m really confused” or, “I need to see if this man can be a compatible partner.” It’s my guess that Sharleen’s last relationship was of the female variety…which explains why she has been so conflicted. They need to bring her back as the next Bachelorette and let men and women compete for her affections. They could call it the Butch-lorette. Who wouldn’t watch this show? This needs to happen.

I’ve been pretty sure that Clare had this thing in the bag…the only thing that could blow it is the hometown dates which has derailed many a favorite (see Desiree). Wouldn’t you know it but Clare’s family appears to be looney from what we can tell. This appears to have opened the door for Nikki to pass her in the standings by getting the all-important first to “meet Camilla” date.

We also got the see Juan’s baby momma…first impression baby momma probably the best looking of the bunch and second impression baby momma didn’t look very happy with all this. Methink we have not heard the last from baby momma.

Finally, we had a little cat-fight between Clare and Nikki. Still not as heated as the dudes were when they confronted James for not being there for “the right reasons” but it’s a start. Next week is two nights of shows ...  the most dramatic episodes yet!  Be sure to not tune in!

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