Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Es Okay!"

So Juan Pablo finally gets exposed by Andi as an ungentlemanly, selfish fame-seeker not really interested in finding a wife. Have I not been pitching that theory from early on and was scoffed at? I think I was right all along. Lol.

First date starts with Clare…clearly, she seems to be the most smitten at this point and would probably say yes to a proposal. However, when she tried to talk out her frustrations with Juan he kind of hushed her and she has kept quiet. I’m not sure they could survive another catfight, and Clare is brimming with emotion. Was it just me or was there some disinterest for Clare on the part of Juan Pablo? I’m not sure she gets to the alter. And what about Clare as far as being the next Bachelorette? Subpar candidate I do not think she will resonate with the fans who find her a bit fake.

Andi comes next…seems all hunky dory until the morning after. Methinks Andi did not like the walk of shame after Juan probably got drunk and told her he hung out with Rhianna at the club and was hitting on her and how much fun he had with Clare and wait don’t interrupt me I need to finish my story we’ll get to you later. After this impressive showing, Andi is no doubt in line as #1 choice for next Bacherlorette as she’ll have the fan vote.

Nikki was next…not sure her day date horse riding outfit was the best choice with a jolting horse ride but Juan didn’t seem to mind. Based on his interest in Nikki and that there was no unsettling discussions, Nikki has to be the front runner to walk down the alter. I’d say 30% chance he chooses Nikki, 20% chance he choose Clare, and 50% he chooses neither. As far as the next Bachelorette I’m afraid her continued icyness with Clare will cost her the fan approval vote.

Let’s all take a lesson from Juan Pablo…is this all going to work out in the end? Probably not. But hey, it’s ok!

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