Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Great Find

The new Camelbak water bottles are sweet.

Just when you thought Polar had a nice thing going with their insulated 24 ounce bottles, Camelbak comes up with something better. These bottles are insulated too, but they have this great leak-proof lid that lets you sip your beverage of choice without having to raise and lower the valve. They are called Podium bottles and you can tip them up, down, sideways, whatever, and nothing will drip or spill or make a mess. Kind of like a sippy cup for adults.

I'm not the most graceful cyclist you've ever seen, so these new bottles are a real bonus for me. I like the silicone tip you drink out of, along the lines Camelbak's hydration system you wear on your back. The bottles hold 20 ounces of fluid so they are substantial, yet do not crowd your bottle cages. I bought mine for $10.99 at my local bike shop, but I'm sure there are online deals out there for them. Either way they're a good purchase for anyone who wants to invest in something that beats all the other water bottles on the market.

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