Sunday, September 6, 2009

Super Sexy Magical Clothing

I'm not claiming to understand it, but I do enjoy the effects of compression tights after a long run. Tomorrow's run is 18 miles, and you better believe I will be donning those beauties under my yoga pants as I cruise the ailes of Fresh 'N Easy post run.

My first experience with compression anything was a pair of socks I bought and wore at Ironman Arizona. I have to say, they made my calves feel great. But they were a tad bit uncomfortable heat-wise during the race. I ended up rolling them down halfway through the marathon, which voided any good they would have done anyway.

However, last winter I purchased the full compression recovery tights by Zoot. Now these, my friends are a little hidden gem. Zoot has designed these babies to wear after your long workouts to stimulate the circulation in your lower extremities. I describe it as a mini massage for your calves, knees, hamstrings and quads. Doesn't that sound lovely? And it really does work!

I endorse this product 100 percent. I wear them after every long run or ride I do. I've even slept in them because they are super attractive. Haha. And though they are pricey, I believe that investing in good gear keeps your mind and your body stimulated and in tip top shape.

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  1. I thought about getting compression stuff but I get kinda claustrophobic. Someday...


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