Wednesday, September 2, 2009

quick quick quick

Cadence counts. I realize that as I run with faster runners. To keep up with them, my strides need to be shorter and my turnover needs to be quicker.

Mark Allen reports that if you can have a steady cadence of 80-85 revolutions per minute for an entire Ironman, you will be a more efficient athlete. Sometimes swimmers put a waterproof metronome in their caps to keep their arms moving at a steady pace. I am not kidding. Cycle computers are manufactured with cadence sensors on the bike so you can see how fast your tires are circling. All that's left is keeping your feet up to tempo on the run.

One way to do this is by counting your foot strikes on your left (or right) foot for 30 seconds. You should aim for about 40 strikes per 30 seconds. Ditch the ipod sometime and give it a try. Concentrate of how fast you are turning over your legs. Listen as your foot hits the street and count each time that same foot turns over. It's not easy to keep that cadence up as you tire during your workout. But you can even slow down and STILL keep your cadence up. Often you can practice your quick cadence even on a warm up. If you do, you will realize that quick legs equal faster times.

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