Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Utah Peaches

The box just arrived from Utah and it is already empty... Utah peaches in all their wonderful deliciousness. We couldn't keep our hands off them and now I am wondering if you can eat too many peaches in one day?

I'm going to assume that the reason Utah peaches are so great is because they are picked, boxed and delivered within a few days of leaving the tree. By the time they arrive at my house, they have reached the peak of their peach perfection. Nature's candy, a slice of heaven? It's all that and more.

Last year I tried freezing peaches to take on my long bike rides. Eh, not that great of an idea. They unthawed too soon and I was left with a slimy mess all inside my bento box.

Because I am not much of a cooked fruit gal, I recommend eating the tasty treats ASAP. I'm not a canner, I'm not a pie maker, I prefer my peaches fresh from the cardboard box from which they arrive.

Eating seasonal fruits and veggies ensures that you are getting the right mix of nutrients that nature intended for us at the right time of year. Fruit that is available out of season has either traveled thousands of miles and been picked before it's ripeness, or has been stored for some time and lost some of it's nutritional content. If possible, get yourself to a fruit stand or farmer's market where the produce is local, fresh and naturally perfect.

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog, because I was Googling on where to order peaches from Utah. I'm in Phoenix, and I know there are people here who do it, but don't know who to contact. Anyway, since you have done so, can you give me info?? I want to order them this year, very much bad! :) Thanks for any info.


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