Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fatigue And Recovery

Do you know about the 30-minute window?

After strenuous exercise, like a hard bike ride or long run, you have a 30 minutes to replenish your body with nutrients and fluids that were depleted during your workout.  Think of your body like a squeezed sponge -- it's now ready to be refilled,  rehydrated and renewed.  Your muscles are most receptive to these recovery nutrients when they are consumed immediately after finishing a workout. After all, results are not made by muscle breakdown, but by proper muscle recovery and rebuilding.

The recovery products on the market that I like are Generation U Can and Fluid.  These products contain whey protein not from concentrate.  They are easier to get down and taste pretty good.  A lot of products contain when protein concentrate which can be hard on the tummy.

Remember: post workout is not the time to starve yourself.  Weight loss is a goal for most people who exercise.  But forget about the calorie issue for a minute.  Drinking a recovery shake will make you feel better, less fatigued, and more ready to push your body again sooner. Take advantage of that window to stave off poor workouts, muscle soreness and decreased energy.  It works.  It really does.

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