Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sanitary Cycle

Summer in AZ means beach towels.  Lots and lots of them.  I am doing loads of towels everyday.  Sometimes they get that stanky smell.  That's quite possibly because I tend to leave my swim towel in the back of my car after Masters for days on end.  Or the kids leave them outside in the sun and they dry stiff on the hook next to the pool.

But - ahhhhh- I have discovered the Sanitary Cycle.  I wasn't using it til a friend told me recently that it is the perfect fix for those stanky towels.  The sanitary cycle takes two hours and the water is extremely hot.  But it takes the icky out of the cotton fibers and along with Downy April Fresh, the towels return to their soft and fluffy original state.

The Sanitary Cycle will NOT work for delicate workout clothes.  When those get stanky, just throw them away.  There's no way to save wicking fabric once it has worked it's magic on all that awful sweat stench.  If you can smell your clothes after you've gotten them out of the wash, they are past the point of no return.

Okay gotta go...time to throw a load in now.


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