Saturday, May 22, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

Running.  Some people got it.  Some people don't.  Those natural runners are the ones that get me.  The ones that come right out and qualify for Boston on their first attempt.  I am in awe.  Everyone's got their gifts.  So why not learn from them?

There are some things these phenomenons do that I am adding to my arsenal in hopes of getting closer to their level someday.

-- Run with a friend.  It could be that conversation keeps your mind off pain.  Or matching some stride for stride keeps your pace up.  But running long or short with a friend seems to make good runners better.

--Back Up Ipod.  A lot of these runners wear Ipods that they only use when they find themselves dropping off the pack.  I've found that it helps to plug mine in when my breathing gets heavy and I am alone -- then I can get my mind into something good and not think about my suffering.

--Good Form.  Wow.  I love running behind a beautiful runner.  I love watching their turnover and foot placement. I try to mimic it.  Althea told me to concentrate on running tall and strong when I feel fatigue setting in.  It works.

--Strength Training.  Even if it's short and sweet, strength training is a must.  You're going to need strong quads when you climb.  Add wall sits, lunges, core work, single leg squats to your routine.  Nothing fancy.  Just the basics.

Someday I might be as awesome as my runner friends.  I've got a lot of self doubt that needs to change.  But I'm going to make it with help from them.
Not my group of friends, but looks like a nice place to run.

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  1. you are so strong right now...the mental aspect is getting the best of you! Try to enjoy! Many of us look to you as "that awesome runner." Hang in there...3 weeks to race day!


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