Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Honor The Mothers

There's something really cool about an all-women's race.  Something empowering and motivating.  Something, as some say, that makes me want to roar!  SheRox Sprint Tri was just what the life coach ordered this weekend.  Bottling the "can do" attitude.  Success on tap.  Feelin' the love for the important women in our lives.

In a triathlon, that which starts out as a solitary goal, a focused drive to achieve your best, becomes a day of small check offs, count downs and achievements -- not alone -- but with others all on the same course, working toward the same destination.

You're smack dab in the middle of it all when suddenly, you get that... power.  Whether it's the passing word of encouragement from a fellow participant, or the shouts and cheers from the fans and spectators,  it's glaringly obvious that there is strength in community, in numbers and in family.

Particularly on Mother's Day, it is evident that it "takes a village" to make us realize our true potential.  We can accomplish anything. But it sure is a lot easier to do what we need to do with good friends and confidants along the way.  It's nice to have a family cheering section.  It's vitally important to have a girlfriend who can listen.  It's wonderful to have a husband to back us up and stand by us.  And it is a comfort to have a higher power to guide us through it all.  

Because when we get to the finish line, it's not about "I" or "Me"'s about "Us".  

We do this, thankfully, together.  That is the plan.  And it is the best plan we never made up on our own.

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