Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Inaugural St. George Ironman

When you're actually IN the Ironman, you're in a constant state of movement, excitement and suffering.  You are not really aware of what is going on outside your world that day.  In fact, people all over the internet are tracking you, constantly refreshing their browser button and cheering you on long distance.

Yesterday, I got to do just that.  While I was running up the big AZ mountain we call Hawes, (most non-Arizonans might call a hill) I was passed by Mike, Dave and Sean on their bikes.  "So, they've just started the swim.  I hear it's kind of windy and the start was 43 degrees," Sean yelled out to me.  I knew exactly what he was talking about:  Ironman.

Fourteen Tri-Mesa folks made their way up to St. George for the inaugural event yesterday.  And while they were suffering on the swim, the bike and the run, I was doing this:
Tracking my athletes via internet.  Notice my chicken scratch updates on the orange paper.

I couldn't cheer them on in person, but I sent them good vibes.  I smiled when they got out of the swim and did a woot-woo! as they passed their last timing mat on the bike.  Then I excitedly recorded their times as they crossed the finish line.  

But I wasn't their only fan.  

Constant text message updates came through during the day from spouses and friends.  When I stopped into Iron Gear Sports, every person who came in asked how the Arizona athletes were doing.  It was a LoveFest for triathletes.

All in all, St. George Ironman 1 was a success.  I can't wait to hear stories rehashed over and over til they get better and better.  That's the thing about Ironman - bragging rights forever, no matter what time you got.  Congratulations to all of you.  

And by the way, my fever is back.

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