Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do What You Love

Park City.. not just for skiing!
There are certain towns in America that make you really want to live.  Park City, Utah is one of those towns.  Upon my arrival here yesterday, I saw hundreds of cyclists spinning around town.  I saw runners, dog walkers, golfers, hikers, and in-line skaters.  People were out and about, soaking up the summer sun and enjoying the glorious day.

As I made my way up to Guardmans' Pass, the uppermost road of the town, I passed several men and women on bikes grinding their gears up toward the mountain peak.  It is not easy, believe me.  The road tips up to 12 percent at times.  But that didn't stop these die hards from giving it a go. 

The golf courses were buzzing with golf carts and golfers.  The parks were hosting festivals and picnics.  And there wasn't an empty tennis court around.  I almost felt guilty for not wearing workout clothes or having a Thule bike rack on the roof of my rental car.

What I observed was people getting out there on a beautiful summer Saturday and taking advantage of the moment.  They were living!  Sometimes it takes effort not to lounge around all day in a luxurious paradise like this.  But if you take the time to do what you love and burn a few calories along the way, you'll thank yourself. 

Get out there today and have fun. 

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  1. Lorie , Eric and I were just talking about our trip with you and Todd to Hawaii, remember when we laid out on the beach? do you remember what you wore? I DO ha ha


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