Friday, October 8, 2010


First of all, kudos to all bloggers with exceptional photography skills, especially when shooting small things like jewelry.  I am incompetent so I am begging your forgiveness at the photos I am about to display.

That being said, my friend Angela, maker of some of my most favorite jewelry, dropped this little goodie off for me last week:
That's Angela's charm there on the left:  Iron Girl.  It goes well with the rest of 'em, don't ya think?

Because I loved my charm so much, when my friend Leesa decided to run her first marathon last month, I went ahead and ordered her this:
Just delightful, isn't it?  Small enough to add on to a necklace with or without other charms.  The back looks like this:
Again, pardon the photo skills, but it says really tiny: ST. G. '10 (St. George 2010).   Yeah, I know, cute.  

Angela can put just about anything on these charms so I made a few more for a couple of other lucky friends.  Lucky, lucky friends.  

But, that's not all she can do.  I pulled some of these beauties right off Her blog, hope that is okay Angela.  Look at this:
and this:

Wow.  I am in love.  
Angela is a runner.  And so am I, which proves you can be an athlete and still put on some bling to meet the ladies for lunch.  Or the hubby for dinner. 

Angela's artistic jewelery is best worn with a simple t-shirt because these are statement pieces.

(And I'd suggest wearing them with nothing at all if you'd like your husband to add to your Angela Henrie collection.) 


  1. Thanks for the nice write-up. You KNOW why I just "dropped it by your house." You failed to mention spending hours with me looking for a bike, just because you are SO NICE!

  2. Lorie thank you so much for your thoughts and comments on my blog, and I too love reading your blog I get to live my dream through you and your friends.
    I love the IRon Girl on. Iron Girl actually contacted me and asked me to speak at the Iron Girl race in November. I was looking forward to at least walking it, but I know I won't be able to do that....bummer, maybe next year right?


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