Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buy This Not That - Wetsuits

Dear Quintana Roo wetsuit,

Thank you for keeping me warm for 7 long years.  You were good to me.  You buoyed me up when I needed it most, in places like Oceanside, San Diego Harbor, the Snake River and the Gulf of Mexico.  I tried return the favor by allowing you to soak in the pool each and every time you did such hard work for me.

But alas, I have found a new .... replacement.  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the greatest thing since sliced bread.  The new, the comfortable, the completely 5mm Yamamota rubber TYR Hurricane 5 Wetsuit! Aaaahhhh, screams, cheers, applause!
TYR's Hurricane 5
As Rachel Zoe would say (although never over a wetsuit) "I Die."

Here's the thing,  I've been asked year in and year out about wetsuits.  And without a substantial amount of cash, it's really hard to comment on which suit to buy.  I've had the sleeveless QR for years, then I swam in my husband's Xterra when I needed a full.  Then I bought the DeSoto two piece on Craig's List and really tried to work with that suit too.  I tried, I really did.

But, like all good things, they must come to an end.  Rips, holes, discomfort, chafing in the neck, immobility.  These are just a few reasons to dread the day that you have to put one of those things on.

But things are different with the TYR.  The Hurricane 5 felt like butter.  The arms are flexible and don't constrict movement.  The extra rubber in the thighs kept my legs upright and practically out of the water.  Best of all, it was so so comfortable and no chafing anywhere!  Ahhem, This is NOT the case with the Desoto. 

Thanks to a generous gift from family and a 40 percent off sale at my tri store, this baby is ALL MINE!  I would recommend this suit to anyone.  And I will ALWAYS recommend a full suit.  No more sleeveless for me now that I've found a suit that allows me to feel just as comfortable in sleeves as without.

My assessment:  BUY the Hurricane 5, NOT a sleeveless wetsuit.  You'll be happy all the live long day.  

**my opinions are mine and you can take them or leave em.  

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