Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Rare Occurrence In Mesa, Arizona

Today we got rained on.

The Brumby riders left from their usual 5 a.m. spot for the Las Sendes two loop course.  About 45 minutes into the ride, it started to pour.  And I mean, really dump.  The wind whipped us around like little paper kites on a string.  And the tire sprays left little Jackson Pollack-esque mud splatters on everyone's backs.

I tried to challenge my inner Tour de Francer -- a die hard cyclists who rides in rain or snow, over cobbles/pave.  But I was grumpy and slow and my socks were getting soaked.  So one lap into it, I turned for home, and my nice Restoration Hardware sheets.  Man, that was a smart move.

In other news, on this Fallish afternoon, I'm home working away on my computer.  And wanted to share with you this website:

Rocky Mountain Sports Calendar.   It lists a ton of Southwestern races for tris and marathons and halfs and open water swims.

And also wanted to remind you to buy these:  Fuel Belt Lace Locks  before your next tri.  As I was practicing transitions with a friend this week, I failed to tell her about the fantasticalness of these little gadgets, which allow you to tighten your shoelaces without tying them.

I hope this is officially the start of Fall.  We Arizonans deserve it.  And it will be nice to ride tomorrow on my nice, clean bike.

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