Sunday, October 31, 2010

T Minus 21 Days 'Til Ironman Arizona - Race Advice Part 1

Great advice from coach Joe Friel all about The Day Before The Race.

This morning is the last time to work out before the race.  It's also a good time to check out the swim venue from the shore to see where the sun will be rising on race morning.  Keep today's workout short, and include some brief bouts of high intensity.  If possible, you could do a bike-run brick on the race course as a final workout.  Keep it short, with perhaps a 30-minute bike ride and a 15-minute run.  All you want to do is get warmed up, throw in a few accelerations to goal race pace or slightly faster, and then stop and stretch.  Following this workout, check the bolts on your bike for tightness.

Following a normal breakfast, check off the required pre-race activities at a comfortable pace.  Avoid rushing through the process.  Keep everything in perspective by minimizing the significance of the inevitable day-before-the-race hassles.  Attend the pre-race meeting if there is one.  Drive the bike course (or better yet, have someone drive you, so you can look around), paying attention to hill and the likely gearing needed, mile markers, pavement surface, turnaround points, corners, and wind and shade direction.  Back in the hotel room, fast the race numbers onto your belt and bike.  Lay out your race-day clothes and pack your race bag using the checklist.

Part Two coming soon.

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