Sunday, October 24, 2010

There Are All Kinds of People Who Do Tris

The Cool:

Those who bow down to their bikes:

The Reluctant:

The Intimidators:

The Mamas:

The Gorillas:

Yes old, young, thin, large, elite and beginner assemble together to test their physical and mental abilities at this sport called triathlon. 

Beautiful Lake Powell, which borders Arizona and Utah, was the location of yesterday's oly and sprint race.  The tri was capped at 300 participants, basically ensuring the event stayed quaint and manageable.  

This is not the race to do if you're looking for some shiny new hardware or a pre-race expo.  The bare bones staff seemed to be rushing around explaining things like why race bibs and bike numbers didn't match.  The cheese-grater boat ramp to T1 looked like Mount Everest when you're trying to find your bearings after the two-loop swim.  And the rumble strips on Highway 89 left little room for passing on your left, especially when semis were behind you.  Oh, and t-shirts the color of sand:  not a fan.

But what Powell did provide was the opportunity for a road trip.  Unless you live in Page you got to claim this as a "destination race".  Road trips essentially allow you to pack heavy.  Bring the arm warmers, the rain jackets, the Bosch blender.  You CAN take it with you.   The scenery was gorgeous and the hours of chit chat in a car are always the best part of any trip. 

Though the forecast called for sunny skies and perfect temperatures, race day played out differently.  Foreboding skies turned into downpours.  The streets were slippery and the volunteers reluctantly handed out water and gels under umbrellas and rain ponchos.  It was not an ideal day.   However, crossing the finish line seems to make you forget about all the weather and horrendous boat ramps.  Suddenly you are happy and overcome with emotion.  It's a cool thing.  

A race I'll do again:  Eh,  I'm on the fence.  But another tri:  You had me at the finish line! 

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  1. haha love it! feel the same...not sure i would do that race again. i know putting on a race is alot of work but for $100 I did expect a bit more...even just one small sample of anything in my manilla envelope...perhaps a red shirt instead of the cheapest color you can order. is that for making money or what...cuz the few races I have done are less money and I got more out of it. but you are right...crossing the finish line is the bomb!


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