Saturday, October 2, 2010

Run This Marathon If You Ever Get The Chance

There's nothing sweeter:  St. George Marathon finish line

A few of my favorite Facebook posts and Tweets from today's St. George Marathon:

Todd Peterson: the progression of my goals from the marathon this morning: 3:10; 3:15; 3:20; try to keep the pace under 8 min/mile; try not to walk; only walk through water stops; only walk up hill; qualify for Boston - only reached the last one: 3:28:54 (what a wuss I am)  seasoned marathoner and college friend.  And you are not a wuss, my friend.

Leesa Bollinger:  Has sore legs, an awesome sunglass tanline, a black toenail...... And a freaking medal!!! Can't wait to do it again! :)  6+ hour finisher and first time marathoner and my "niece".

jimduckett:  YAHOO!!! Bucket list item complete.  Run the St. George Marathon.  CHECK!

kylegoon:  Michael Carroll of St. George just ran  the marathon barefoot.  He says it's the best way for him to avoid injury.  Hang ten!

Then of course there was another FB "friend" of mine who actually updated Facebook of her progress about every three miles.  Are you kidding me?  (Too much information)
-- Gearing up to run another marathon favorite one!!! 
-- On my way!!! Woo hoo!!!! 
-- is at mile 8. 
-- is just starting mile 13... 
--  just started mile 16...letting the gravity ¡ Snow Canyon pull me... 
-- ¡ 18.... 
-- Just starting mile 21... 
-- : starting 22....  
-- : starting 22.... 
-- "Only" 1.5 miles to go!!!!
-- Done! 5:14 and change!!!!

Reports are in that this year was HOT HOT HOT!  Congratulations to all the finishers and to my good friends at Tri Mesa who ran your hearts out.  This was not a PR day, but many fabulous finishing times and it's always great to cross that finish line.

You made Ironmama proud!

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