Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yes, even in sunny Arizona the temps can dip down to a titch above frightful.  Maybe we're Southwestern wimps, I mean, we're never threatened with blizzards like Utah's "Snowmageddon" last week.  But when you're used to 110+ degree summers, mornings in the 30s don't make cycling sound too enjoyable.

If you still want to get your cycling workout in, but don't want to dawn anything fur-lined, you might consider this:

Kinetic Cycle Trainer

This is the Kinetic Bicycle Trainer and you can get it here.

I tried this kawasaki green machine out at Interbike and quickly realized it was not your typical indoor trainer.  The Kinetic trainer moves with you, making it more like riding outdoors.  It strengthens your core, exercises your balance and improves your stability.  It's a total departure from that stiff un-bike-like feel of traditional trainers.  I was particularly impressed when I got OUT OF THE SADDLE to climb, virtually impossible with my old trainer.   I also liked the stable, wide base of this model.

Two thumbs up from this consumer, and a great gift idea for your cycling friend/spouse/child.  Faux fir is not very breathable.  Get this instead.  

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