Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Before The Race - Part Deux

From Joe Friel:  After you've taken care of all the little details, get your mind off of the race.  Avoid crowds of nervous athletes, and stay off of your legs and out of the sun.  Some possible activities include going to a movie, taking a bus tour of the area, renting a DVD, and reading.  Throughout the day, continue to sip from a bottle of water (not a sports drink) when thirsty, and don't allow hunger to set in.  But in the same spirit of avoiding extreme changes, don't drink too much or overeat today.  Have dinner a bit on the early side, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and roughage.  Don't experiment with the local cuisine.  Eat foods that are normal for you the day before the race.  If you are doing an Ironman-distance race, however, it may be wise to put a little extra salt on your food today.

Following dinner, get away from the other competitors to slow your mind and body down even more as you prepare to sleep.  Watch television or read in a quiet room with low lights.  Don't dwell on the "what-ifs" of tomorrow's race.  Whenever apprehensive race thoughts pop into your mind, replace them by recalling recent successes you have had in workouts or races.  Place a bottle of water next to the bed and turn in at a normal time.  Sleeping pills are likely to leave you groggy, but a melatonin capsule an hour before bedtime may help.  Don't do this unless you've experimented with melatonin in training or before a C-priority race.  It's a good idea to talk to your medical-care provider before using melatonin.

And the best advice of all, go buy this book:

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