Sunday, November 14, 2010

Paraphrasing ProTriathlete Jessi S... Or Where Do I Fit In Core Training?

Imagine your body as a wheel.  

Your wheel has strong arms and legs that have been trained to move forward with energy.  But what about your core?  The core or hub of that wheel is what keeps everything stable.  Is your core strong, or is it made of silly puddy?  
Your core is where it all begins...
Are you neglecting it in favor of longer miles or more time on the bike?  
Get back to the basics, start with your center and build your strength outward.  Take the time to develop proper movement with a solid pillar.  It will make you a stronger triathlete and in the long run, will help you maintain great posture and balance for a lifetime.

And yes, my core probably IS made of silly puddy.  Back to the basics for me.  

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