Monday, December 13, 2010

Are You Allowed To Have This Much Fun On A Bike?

Not since I was a kid have I had this much fun on my bike.  

Cycle cross, it's a riot.  Combine landscaped grass, an off road dirt track, hills, obstacles that force you to jump, run, lift and carry and move like you have not moved since you were on the elementary school playground -- then add a finish line, a booming sound system and a bike.  Wow. 

Here's the basic rundown: The beginner races are short, 35 minutes.  As the categories climb to the more expert riders, the races bump up to 55 minutes. The course is spectator friendly because the entire track is laid out with hairpin turns and switch back trails on a 1.5 mile loop.   Cycle cross bikes are lightweight, with knobby tires and drop handlebars.  The whole race is set to the soundtrack of some heavy metal tunes.  And if you're not red lining 100 percent of that time, you're not doing it right.  

If you're not afraid to try something new and really, really fun, get out there and give it a shot.

Got hills...

And obstacles....

A bit of grass...

Then another, steeper hill or two...

some dry, dusty roads....

And the prettiest thing out on the track, the true professionals who can show you how to get it done.  

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