Sunday, December 5, 2010

Give Yourself A BOOST

If you've ever needed motivation to get out there and get runnin', a high school invitational track meet will turn your day right around.  There's something about watching kids push themselves harder and faster than they ever thought possible that cures the dreaded couchpotatoitis.
The World Famous Track in Walnut, California
Smiles all around for cutest girls on the track
Coach Alexander shows off his Toro Nation Crew
That's 20:25, for a 5K.... 
The World's Best Athletes???
This weekend's Foot Locker Invitational in Walnut, California brought out the BEST of the West coast cross country runners.  The 5k course was hilly and challenging.  The weather was cold.  But the smiles on these athletes' faces made me want to get out of the bleachers and run along side them!  (But alas, they would all leave me in the dust).

Congrats Toros, on a great meet.  You inspire, everyday.

**Highlights of the day included Tuba City, Arizona's Billy Orman's 15:28 5k.  He crossed the finish line smiling like he was out for a jiggity jog.  Yeah, just a leisurely 5:09 pace.

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