Friday, December 24, 2010

I Am NOT My Hair

Because if I was, my hair would be strong, healthy, thick, lustrous, blunt ended and fabulous.  That's what I WANT it to be anyway.  Alas, I was blessed with thin, chlorine tained, mousy, naturally-nappy hair of a lifelong swimmer.  It isn't pretty.  You might recognize my hair from this:

However, I have found a solution.  J was describing her new Brazilian Blowout on our run the other day.  She IS blessed with strikingly beautiful locks.  And her hair has never looked so good.  I knew I must! I must! find out more about this great new treatment.

When I called my girl Hillary of Our Beauty Mark fame, she told me that she had a similar trick up her sleeve, but for far less money than the Brazilian's $350 ticket, and also without cancer causing formaldehyde in the product.  Welcome to my world Keritan Complex Smoothing Therapy.  

Holy soft, manageable, straight-from-the-blowdryer-looking-pretty-decent hair!  My hair feels like it has taken a long overdue soak in a vat of the most luxurious conditioner on the planet.  No more frizz, no more weird funky ends sticking out every which way.  I am in heaven.  

As an active chica who rarely spends the time or money needed on proper skin or hair beautification -- I thought this treatment was worth every penny of its $100 price tag.

If you're in the market for a little self maintenance, call Hillary and get in for a Keratin Complex blowout as a 2011 treat.  Or ask your stylist about it next time you go in.  The treatment should last about six weeks if you're not too generous on your shampoo usage.  And soon your hair will become a soft happy friend, instead of a battling enemy.  

Happy day and hallelujah!

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