Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buy This Not That - Bondi Bands

Consumer alert!  Just call me Oprah, 'cause I've got a new FAVORITE THING!

This week was the first annual Runnin' Ladies holiday breakfast.  We each brought a yummy something and after our morning run we had a mini morning feast and exchanged individual gifts.
Too much chit chat.  Not enough direction....

But one cheater mama gave something to everyone.  And boy am I glad she did.  Twisted up tightly and bound with ribbon was a solid color Bondi Band for each of us.  I wonder if she realized I put mine on at breakfast and wore it for the rest of the day?

These headbands are made from a perfect lightweight material.  They are stretchy and wide but not too tight.  Just amazingly comfortable.  And they hide/cover/disguise the cotton candy bedhead I have in the pre-dawn hours when I run.  Who am I kidding, my hair is unruly 24/7.  But more on that tomorrow....

For some reason, maybe my head is miniscule or bulbously large,  those normal hair tie headbands you can buy at the grocery store (or Under Armour makes a fancy version) just seem to slide right off my head.  You know the ones, they look like large hair ties.  These Bondi Bands were the bomb.  What a great find.  And just another reason to get out there are run! Thanks J!

Smiling for the camera...some of us wearing our new Bondi Bands!  

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