Thursday, April 14, 2011

Definition of A True Friend

This, is A.

I like to call A a "fastie."  She can run.  And I mean, really run.  She's the rabbit to our group of greyhounds -- constantly being chased.  She's going for a sub three marathon in June in San Diego.  And her half at the Rock and Roll in Phoenix this year was a 1:26, putting her 184th out of almost 20 thousands runners.

Quiet, unassuming A would never tell you that.  She just doesn't like to put herself in the spotlight.  Never draws attention to herself. No way.

But I will.

When I was itchin' to qualify for Boston, A outlined a plan for me.  She would run along side me -- be my "domestique".  She would pace me, open my gels, grab water, run me to the finish line, and get me to Boston.

And that's exactly what she did.  A trained every step of my marathon with me.  Every long run.  Every trip to the track.  Every tempo run.  Then in Utah last summer, she crossed the finish line with me and got me a time that was accepted by the Boston Athletic Association for entry into the 115th Boston marathon.

The morning of registration I hopped onto my computer at 9 a.m. and had no trouble registering for the race.  A on the other hand, did not.  She was traveling home from a humanitarian Christian mission to Egypt and missed the eight hour window to enter the event.  Sorry, no, Boston said.  We're full.

Insert dagger into heart.  A was not going?  And I WAS?  Oh the humanity! We we're supposed to go to Boston together!

But sweet, kind A encouraged me to go, and even offered me her hotel reservation.  And then sent this email yesterday: "Have fun, girl.  I will be thinkin/prayin for you on Mon.  You will do great."

I don't know if you've got that kind of friend in your life.  But if you do, consider yourself lucky.  A is a true friend.  And I will always be grateful for her.  Thank you for getting me to Boston, A.  And thank you, for being such an awesome person.  I owe you one.

On Monday, I'll be running for you.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to A! (A fastie, indeed.) Hadn't heard this 'story behind the story' -- you two would have made an unbeatable Boston team.


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