Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swim Exit 101

I liked these tips from last month's Triathlete Magazine on the best way to exit the swim.

Step 1:  Swim toward the finish.  Know the course and find tall buildings or trees to sight that are in line with the swim exit.

Step 2:  Activate your legs.  Kick a little extra during the last 200 meters of the swim.

Step 3:  Keep swimming!  Don't stop or stand up until you have run aground in the shallow water.  When your fingers scrape the bottom, take a few more strokes by pulling right under your torso.

Step 4:  Stand and lift your goggles onto your forehead.  This action clears your vision for any potential hazards underfoot as you start to run out of the water.

Step 5:  Unzip your wetsuit on solid ground.  Running through sand and rock is hard enough.  Wait until you reach carpeting or pavement to search for that strap.

Step 6:  Take off your cap and goggles when you see your bike.  Abandonment of equipment can result in a penalty, so don't risk dropping these small items.

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