Tuesday, April 19, 2011

News Flash

Well, I did not win the Boston Marathon.  Not even close.  In fact, the winner could've run the marathon twice and still would've beat me.  But I did enjoy the most spectacular event of running history that America has to offer.  I had the time of my life.

Boston lived up to the hype that everyone has ever told me about.  Wellesley and Boston College crowds could be heard half a mile away.  The neighborhood spectators lined the streets with fresh oranges and one of my favorites: otter pops.  And there is something about high fiving kids that gives you a mental boost in a pain-filled day.

Heartbreak Hill was not much of a heartbreak, though the timing of the hills, at miles 19 through 21, was a challenge for everyone.  The finish line made you feel like you were waving from a Presidential motorcade.  Boston, you know how to put on a race.  I hope to be back again...as a spectator next time!

Here are some highlights:
A big hello to the runners!

Packed Expo crowds

Josh Cox, 50k US Record Holder, and a cutie patootie

Planes, taxis, subways...and school buses.
Thugs or runners?

The secret shoes that have wings on them

Port a potty lines? No, runners loading the busses

Celebrating 25 years of marriage by running Boston!  You should've heard the anniversary poem!
It's been said that it's good luck to walk under the Boston banner to get to the Athlete Village

Cold crowds getting into the zone.

Passing Dick and Rick Hoyt at Mile 16 was a highlight

Magic Capes to all finishers!

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