Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diary Of A Slow Chick

In reality, J is anything BUT slow.  She's run several marathons including Boston, with a PR of 3:20, I believe.  She can keep pace with the best of 'em.  But J has also been injured, and is just reappearing on the running scene.  Here's her email to me describing her run with the "fasties" in the group for our weekly 10 miler.  Leave it to J to find the humor in everything!
*ATG = At The Gate (our usual meeting spot)
photo credit

ATG 5:15:  Amy, Christy Janeen
ATG 5:20:  Amy, Christy Janeen
Departure: Amy, Christy, Janeen

5:28 McKellips and Canal:  Amy, Christy...Janeen
Adobe and Canal: Amy, Christy.....Janeen
Adobe/ Greenfield: Amy, Christy........."Can't talk Janeen"
Greenfield /McKellips: Amy shows mercy on Janeen and asks if she needs to stop
 6:15 Mountainside Fitness:  Amy, Christy, Janeen and her "Rikki" in the restroom
6:25:  Greenfield canal and McKellips Amy, Christy.......................Janeen
6:27 Backs of their heads looking like dots on the horizon
6:30 Turnoff, and canal for ATG: Just Janeen
6:45:  only a black suburban left in the parking faced, sweaty, tired as heck, Janeen

Late night, poor fueling and fast chicks don't mix.  hahaha

Thanks for making us feel NORMAL, J!  We love you!

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