Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm So Tired....

So much has been said about recovery.  Yes, we know it's important, and we know recovery and rest is what enable us to go out and try harder and work faster tomorrow.  But when you're triathlon training, i.e. 3 x week swim, 3 x week bike, 3 x week run, 2 x week strength training, plus life and all that that entails, when do you have time for rest and recovery?

I turned to my pen pal Mark Allen for his advice and one of his coaches, Diane had this to say:
We need to look at the Heart Rates that the clients are training at...maybe too high. At MarkAllenonline we train our athletes in the lower heart rate zones.  The exception is in 

the speed phase of training. With our recommended HR ranges for our athletes they will recover quickly and not feel so tired and beat up. They get stronger and fitter.

Sometimes an athlete can be overly ambitious, meaning their body is not really ready for a super competitive program (14 workouts a week) or their work and family schedule isn't condusive for that level and would do better with a more traditional plan (11 workouts) or the essential plan (8 workouts) per week. You body can only absorb what it is ready for. Many people tend to think if they force themselves to follow a high level program they will perform better. That is not the case. They should do a program that is appropriate for them, follow the HR range given for them and they will then have great results.

So if your clients are feeling tired, perhaps they need to look HR that they are training at, the stress they have in their life, their nutrition and hydration and realistically how much training they can do and get stronger, not be broken down and tired. 

Thank you associate coach, Diana McLaughlin.  

I glean two important points from this email.

Number One:  Have your heart rate tested by a professional and then USE a heart rate monitor.  Stay in the zones that are prescribed for you.  This may mean leaving the group rides behind and doing workouts alone.  In the long run, you'll feel better and make greater progress toward your training goals. 

Number Two:  Get a coach!  Work with them so your plan will be individualized and fine-tuned for your own individual needs.  There are plenty of training plans online and in Runner's World magazine, but a coach can tailor your goals with your abilities.  It's really a symbiotic relationship and can make your wildest dreams come true!  (That was a bit much)

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