Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Bees Knees

A recent Stanford University study reported in Runner's World claims that knee problems might not necessarily be related to running.

The osteoarthritis study of the knee followed runners and non runners over two decades and reports that running is associated with lower incidences of arthritis.  Initially, seven percent of runners had mild arthritis; none of the non runners did.  Yet 18 years later, the non runners were 60 percent more likely to have arthritis - and four times more likely to have severe arthritis.

Like I've stated in an earlier post,  I think that Omega 3s are helping with my knee and joint pain.  I use Dr. Sears brand, which is easy to take and not fishy smelling.  Omega 3s are not manufactured in your body and must be obtained through diet or supplements.   They help with inflammation and joint dexterity.  They've done my body good!

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