Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lecture #102

The fam is skiing all week.  And being the social gal that I am, I encourage small talk while riding up the lift.   Today I asked the Ski Patrol Girl on the chair lift which was more dangerous, skiing or boarding.

"They are about the same, " she said.  "With boarders you see wrist injuries, with skiers you see knees."

But while we were talking, a distress call blared out over her radio.  Two skiers down, one with a helmet, one without.  "That's what makes a difference," she said.  "whether you wear a helmet or not."

Now I know there are lots of skiers on the mountain more focused on looking good --with their Chanel sunglasses, cute ski suits, and freshly highlighted hair flowing in the breeze.  But it always disturbs me that they are not wearing helmets.  Haven't they heard of Sonny Bono or Natasha Richardson?

Helmets are warm, comfortable, safe and some even have built-in Ipod speakers.  Don't be stupid.  Beanies are great, but helmets are best.

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