Sunday, December 6, 2009


As I sat church today, one word kept coming up during the meeting: trials.   As I analyzed the word, I began to think of it's multiple uses:  A courtroom trial.  A personal trial.  And in racing, the dreaded time trial.

I like to think of a trial as a small test.  A test that will end.  And something with which we will gain new knowledge and understanding.  There are periods of rest between trials, but those times might be short or long depending upon our goals.

When training for a race, it is recommended that an athlete complete regular time trials on the bike, swim and run.  Here are some suggested time trials that should be scheduled monthly during the base season:
1 fast mile at the track 
1500 meters in the pool
40K bike on a flat course

Make it a goal to complete and record your paces for each of these trials every four weeks.  They're the best way to be honest with yourself in how much you are improving, maintaining or losing your fitness level.

All trials, especially those personal or physical ones, have a purpose.  They push us to new limits.  And teach us that there are things we didn't think we could do that, in fact, we can.


  1. Love your analogy, love the post and it is so true. I have had some trials in my life that have brought me to new heights spiritually, emotionally and physically, through those trials I have always come out a different person. I have learned to pray more intently, listen longer, and share what I've learned with others.
    You are awesome Lorie I love you

  2. thanks for posting stopwatch jpg. i've been lookinng for one with the oldschool pushbuttons for years. still would love the sweeping hand though.
    also thanks for the thought. i seem to look at trails in the negative sense as a period of critical judgement the outcome of which can only be shortcoming. you are right to look at it as a learning/growth/improvment. thankyou.


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