Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hair Care By "S"

Back in the ninth grade, when I was still just a little guppy swimmer trying to make it in the BIG HIGH SCHOOL SWIM TEAM, I came across a little hair tip from a friend.

Now, this friend of mine had beYOUtiful hair! Her "do" put Farrah's to shame. Her strawberry-blonde feathered locks made her an instant boy magnet. And those boys went crazy when she walked away leaving a hint of Love's Baby Soft and Aquanet trailing in her wake. Oh, the days of pharmacy perfumes. Brings ya back.

Said friend introduced me to HOW TO SAVE YOUR HAIR FROM EVIL CHLORINE. While I have not always been faithful to this tip, as of late I've come to realize how really useful it is. Here you go:

1. Before your swim, apply a dab of your favorite conditioner to dry hair and comb through.

2. Put on your swimming cap. Wahlaa! Done.

Now your hair is absorbing good conditioner instead of bad chlorine. And when you take your cap off at the end of the workout, your hair is smooth and silky, not brittle and straw-like.

During the summer I usually just douse my head with water from the shower before I put on my swimcap. Same principle. But now that temperatures have dropped and dry hair = warmth, this tip has really proven its worthiness.

Thanks S! See you at the pool!

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