Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Traditions

Okay, check out Lance in this photo.  It's a keeper.  He's riding over COBBLESTONES.  Have you ever tried to even walk on them, let alone ride a bike?  Bumpy, unstable, dangerous.  He's surrounded by crowds, cyclists, and motorcycles.

Plus, on this day, he had a flat and got dropped by the peloton and had to fight his way back to the pack.  Lance is older - 38.  And he's competing with team Radio Shack in his final Tour.  VERSUS channel carries the Tour de France live daily.   There are recaps of each stage on prime time TV.

Watching the Tour is a tradition in our home.  And this year's race has been exceptionally exciting and fun to watch.  If you've never watched cycling on TV, give it a shot.

Another Tucker tradition is spending the Fourth at the Hotel Del Coronado.  The hotel was built in 1888 and has such a great family feel to it.  It sits on the island of Coronado, which is also the home of a US Naval Base - an ideal place to capture the spirit of  patriotism and respect on America's day of Independence.

If you get a chance, there is a 15K or 5K run that winds through the island and naval base on July 4th  Congratulations to Scott Tucker and Sasha Robinson, who ran their first 15K this year.  And a big shout out to the other runners who fought the urge to sleep in on their VACATION and ran a great race: Marnie Brian, Simon and Althea Beltran, and Todd Tucker.  Nice run all of you!

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