Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TOMORROW is the Day!

Despite what you might have heard, Tempe is still planning to hold Ironman Arizona on November 21, 2010.  The lake usually looks like this:

As of today the lake looks like this:
The City of Tempe has promised that the lake will be refilled by November 1 and the Ironman will go on without a hitch.  Cross your fingers, y'all.

With that in mind, if you've ever wanted to do something really fun for someone else, now's your chance.  Starting tomorrow, July 28, you can sign up to volunteer at Ironman AZ.  As your local Captain of Registration, I would LOVE it if you'd sign up to work the registration tables with me!  

The great thing about Registration, is that you get to see all those nervous athletes face to face.  They are pumped up and happy and excited that they have made it to the start of this huge goal called Ironman.  Most of these guys and gals have trained up to a year just for this day.  And now it is reality for them.  They are giddy.

Part of the whole Registration process is the weigh in, which I find absolutely hysterical.  Two thousand of the fittest people you have ever seen walk up to a scale to record their weight like they're on The Biggest Loser.  They take off their shoes, they wince, they suck it in - I love it.   Scale issues are universal, my friends.

So go here:  voluteer sign up and spend a few hours doing something good for someone else this November.  At the very least you'll get a free t-shirt out of it.  But overall, you'll meet some great people, enjoy a day outside at Tempe Beach Park and get to be part of something BIG! 

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