Friday, July 9, 2010

Race Report: Coronado 15K by 12-year-old Scott

Here's Scott Tucker's race recap.  Of course, Mom did not have a camera to document the big event.  But here's one with Scott (on the right) and his BFF Max, watching fireworks on the Coronado public golf course.

Sunday, July 4th, I ran the 2010 Coronado 15K. I had never ran anything that far before and I was excited to know I was already going to have a personal record! Anyway, as I stood at the starting line, I told myself to run as hard as I could and finish strong. Those two things seemed pretty simple at the time, but I later found out they weren't as easy as I thought.

I started the run feeling "OK" about myself, but somewhere, I didn't feel totally loose or had perfect form. I kept running though, and only took a couple of steps at each water station. And when we hit the halfway point, a burst of energy kept me determined me to keep on going and keep my pace.

Each mile they shouted out the time of your mile. I had been running almost a perfect ten-minute pace and every time I heard I was keeping the same pace, it made me want to go even faster.
Coming up on mile eight, I was, in my mind, ready to finish. I continued on and finally I had reached mile nine and knew I only had a little under a third of a mile to go! I raced to the finish line, so glad I had ran this far, and crossed the finish-line smiling and proud of my effort!
That day gave me the self-confidence that I was always looking for! I finished with a 1:32:40 time. I was proud of the accomplishment, but you can bet you'll see me next year on that same course finishing with an even better time!

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