Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Butt...of course

I heard on talk radio the other day that America has chosen the butts of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian as some of the nicest in the country.  Well, I'm not too sure who was voting, but I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon for that one.  My idea of a nice butt is one that is strong, small and packs a punch.  Track sprinters come to mind. Is that TMI?
Exhibit A:  Gabby Reece and her friends playing volleyball.

Glutes are the largest muscle in the human body and play an important part of  injury prevention for athletes of all types.  If muscles are stronger around the pelvis, the core is more solid and stable.  If they are weak, there is greater risk of unstable, inefficient movement while running cycling and swimming.

So how can you tell if your butt is ...bootylicious?  I mean stable?  A simple test is to stand in front of the mirror, balance on one leg and squat halfway to the floor.  Try one leg, then the other.  Does your pelvis stay level, does your knee move inward, do your feet stay straight?  All of these are clues to instability in the core (think inner abs/butt/lower back).

Um, need I say more?
If you're solid and stable, congratulations.  If not, it's time to add these exercises to your fitness regime: single leg squats.  The key is to build your butt strength by adding at glute strengthening exercises at least three times per week to your routine.  This will help improve your stability and the overall curvature of your assets.

In addition, five to six minutes of planks per day should be the norm for anyone who wants to reduce the chance of  injury and increase overall athletic performance.  

I'm starting my new routine today.  And though I can't promise that I will ever look like a track sprinter, my hopes at defying gravity a few more years might just last a little longer.  

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